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Bitclub Advantage - How To Get 300% ROI On Your Investment [Without Referral]

bitclub advantage

Bitclub Advantage - How To Get 300% ROI On Your Investment [Without Referral]

It is very common that if you ask your friends or relatives to help you with a loan to start up a business, they will start giving you mountain of execuses which sometime make you feel devasted.

But do you know that you can get money from this same people if you can play their favorite tune? Yes, its possible!

Now the question is, how do you understand their favorite tune and play it in order to get money from them willingly?

The logic is simple and straight-forward, just show them a legitimate investment opportunity to help them make more money, they will even bribe you to stop sharing it with someone else.

Yes, when it come to a legitimate way to make moneyonline, people hate to make noise about it. You know why?

Its because the doubting Thomas will always go extreme to make sure you miss the great opportunity. Think about it!

My anger is not about the doubting Thomas fat lies, my anger is that even when they succeed in deceiving you, they will not in anyway help or solve your financial problems.

So if that's the case, I mean if these doubting Thomas cannot help you, why not introduce people you know they want to make more money to a legitimate investment opportunity in order to get a loan you will never pay back.

Commission or referral bonus is a type of loan you get from giving others the opportunity to a financial freedom without paying them back.

Now, you may ask; "which legitimate investment opportunity you I need to introduce to my friends and relatives in order to get a free loan for my startup business or to solve my financial problems?"

Introducing Bitclub Advantage - How To Earn Bitcoin Weekly With Bitclub Advantage [Culled from ABB]

BitClub Advantage is a company formed by a team of PROFESSIONAL TRADERS with EXPERTISE in one of the biggest financial markets of today such as SPORT investing and CRYPTO exchange.

Their focus is to provide affiliates with daily and constant profits in these markets. Get to know the business that is changing the lives of simple, quick and disclosed.

 Bitclub advantage is the single place for all your investments.

Please TAKE NOTE: This is not a Ponzi Scheme, This is not HYIP and it’s nothing like MMM.

Sit back and relax while I walk you through step by step how you can profit from this amazing business opportunity.

We are in a very dynamic world where a lot of changes are happening every day.

The way things were done 10 years ago is no longer how it is done nowadays and it has become imperative that for anyone to remain relevant, he or she has to flow with this change or be left behind.


Cryptocurrencies are taking over paper currencies and very soon, the banks will become almost irrelevant. 

One company that has come to adapt us to this change is known as BITCLUB ADVANTAGE and that is the opportunity I am presenting to you in this article.

Bitclub advantage’s head office is located in Brazil at International Trade Centre and also have head office in UK. The CEO is named Alex Pereri.

They have commissioned their offices in Hongkong, UK, Germany, Spain, France etc, likewise in Africa (Kenya, Uganda, South Africa etc.)

Bitclub Advantage was brought from Kenya to Nigeria in May, 2017. The company has been in business for over 6 years in Brazil and other European countries.

In a very simple term, Bitclub Advantage specializes in trading Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, ethereum, ripples, etc. and the profit generated is shared amongst investors. Just like Forex traders trade in hard currencies.

You will agree with me that cryptocurrencies are trending and millionaires are being made daily from it. It’s our turn to take part in the Global wealth using the platform created by BITCLUB ADVANTAGE.

The BIG question any smart person should ask is how do I Invest and become a part of this great opportunity?

There are 7 different packages you can choose to join the company with (They recently added 2 more, making 9 packages in total)

1. Client Bronze Invest ₦47,880

  • Daily earnings ₦567
  • Weekly earnings ₦2,835
  • Monthly earnings ₦12,474

2. Client Silver Invest ₦110,880

  • Daily earnings ₦1,423
  • Weekly earnings ₦7,110
  • Monthly earnings ₦31,290

3. Client Gold Invest ₦215,880

  • Daily earnings ₦2,851
  • Weekly earnings ₦14,250
  • Monthly earnings ₦62,706

4. Client Premium Invest ₦432,180

  • Daily earnings ₦5,707
  • Weekly earnings ₦28,530
  • Monthly earnings ₦125,538

5. Client Black Invest ₦852,180

  • Daily earnings ₦12,927
  • Weekly earnings ₦64,646
  • Monthly earnings ₦284,449

The summary of the packages and their returns on investment, daily, weekly and monthly is in the table above.

These above earnings are without referring anybody. You don’t have to refer people to make money from this program.

If you decide to refer anyone to join, that is only an avenue to make more money.

The company shares profit generated from trading daily with all the investors depending on the package they purchased.

There is no easier and genuine way to make money with Cryptocurrencies than this juicy opportunity.

Understand that the company is not asking you to recruit anybody before you earn. You get paid from Monday to Friday till you have earned 300 percent of your investment within a duration of 50 – 52 weeks.

If you want to earn more bonuses from the program, just try and invite at least 2 people so you can earn direct bonuses from their investment and indirect referral bonuses from their referrals.

It would also interest you to know that it doesn’t matter who register the person, as long as they are in your network, you will continue to earn from all registration till infinity.

Let Me Explain This Clearly So You Can Understand

For any referral you make, you will get 15 percent bonus, out of the 15 percent bonus,  50 percent which is 7.5 percent will go to you while the remaining 50 percent which is 7.5percent would be shared with your Uplines.

So which means for your downlines too, you will get paid for their referrals to the 8th levels.

Client Bronze 15% of package cost $14.85
Client Silver 15% of package cost $37.35
Client Gold 15% of package cost $74.85
Client Premium 15% of package cost $149.85
Client Black 15% of package cost $299.85

50% of the value above is paid to you on your direct referrer while the balance of 50% is paid to you as your indirect from 2nd level to the 8th levels.

E.g, you register a new client on Black package

You earn 50% of $299.85 which is $149.93 as bonus
2nd level, you will earn 5% = $14.99
3rd level, you will earn 5% = $14.99
4th level, you will earn 6% = $17.99
5th level, you will earn 7% = $20.99
6th level, you will earn 8% = $23.99
7th level, you will earn 9% = $26.99
8th level, you will earn 10% = $29.99

These indirect earnings go as far as the 8th generation down. Earning from people you don’t even know. This is called LEVERAGE

The second bonus is known as the construction binary. To qualify for this bonus, you must register 2 people directly on your left and right side.

The company pays 50% of all volume points produced by your weaker team daily @ 11.59pm
See illustration below

As you can see from the illustration above, the weaker team is on the right, that is
600pts X 50% = $300 as bonus earn.

This payment is done daily and it’s till infinity...

As long as there are activities on both your left and right team, you continue to earn.
This is more like the company giving you a blank check to fill in the figure.


Write it out and work towards it...

The truth is, Bitclub advantage has created a System that can help anyone achieve financial freedom.

System in this context means
  • Save
  • Your
  • Time
  • Energy &
  • Money
The last bonus I’ll like to talk about is the Award system.

This company understands the importance of appreciation…For every certain point, you and your team accumulate…There is a reward and these are;

1. Achieve 10,000pts
Reward: MontBlanc Watch or Invicta
2. Achieve 20,000pts
Reward: Apple watch + iphone 7
3. Achieve 40,000pts
Reward: Moto Yamaha Factor 125i
4. Achieve 100,000pts
Reward: 4 days Europe trip + tickets to watch Real  Madrid or Barcelona game + Luxury Car Rentals
5. Achieve 250,000pts
Reward: HB20 okm + Trip Cruiser
6. Achieve 500,000pts
Reward: Corolla or Honda Civic + Trip to Cancun
7. Achieve 750,000pts
Reward: Mercedes Bens C180c + Trip to Hawaii
8. Achieve 1,000,000pts
Reward: Porsche Carrera
The most interesting part is that, if you want the cash equivalent of the award, it would be given to you.

Some people have started receiving the Awards, see below



There are five ways to withdraw your earnings from Bitclub Advantage

1. You can withdraw through Bitcoin to your Bitcoin wallet
2. You can use your earnings to activate new affiliates and collect the naira equivalent from the person
3. You can sell your Bitcoin to me while I credit your bank account in Naira (I own
4. You can create a Luno account and link it to your Bitclub account so that all your earnings can hit your local bank account directly.
5. The introduction of a MASTER CARD, this can be used on any ATM anywhere in the world.


The opportunity I am presenting here is not a child’s play. It’s something you have to be a part of.

Here Is What Someone Earned In Just 4 Months $58,866

$240.86 Earned In Just a Few Days 
$892 Earned In Few Weeks

Another $9,032 Earned In Just a few months
And Yet Another $121,677 In 8 Months…

I joined Bitclub Advantage in October 2017 with 25 dollars (Client Partner) because I wanted to confirm it’s authenticity before investing huge money. In just 4 days, I already made 300 percent of my investment as you can see below:

See some of the referral bonuses I got

I tried to withdraw the money to my Bitcoin wallet which I did successfully as you can see below

My Bitcoin wallet was credited and I got a confirmation email from Bitclub Advantage to that effect, see below

By 19th of the same month of October, I renewed the plan as you can see below.

After confirming Bitclub advantage’s authenticity, I only had to upgrade my investment to one of the bigger plans so you have the chance to upgrade your account at any time.

Here is another case study

The account below belongs to one of my uplines and as you can see, he already earned $88,567 in Just 6 Months. His current balance is showing $3,088.84 because he has made several successful withdrawals, so withdrawing your money is never a problem.

You will earn based on how much you invest and how much effort you put into it.

bitcoin atm 

That’s the future ATM….and as the saying goes….the future is cheap if only you can buy it now.


STEP 1. Click this link to register on my team

STEP 2. Click this link to open a Bitcoin wallet

STEP 3. Call our leader on 07030683015 to help you activate any of the investment plans. Only call him if you registered using my referral link above (This offer is only for my team members). 

STEP 4. After you have activated any of the plans and you are now on my team, send an SMS request to 07030683015 and include your username in the message. 

Once I confirm you are on my team and you have activated any of the plans, you will be added to the Whatsapp group for my team members(Please the group is strictly for those who have invested in Bitclub Advantage using my referral link)

Stop ignoring Bitcoin. It’s literally taking over the currency in our world, so you need to wake up and realize what you are missing.

This is not an opportunity,

This is life,

This is life shifting as we know it.

All cash is going into coins.

Get the coins before it’s too late.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions using the comment box below

Thanks for reading…


Some of the screenshots and texts above are not copyrighted to this blog, its only use for promotional purposes. 

Click this link to register on my team


  1. Good day admin, I really like the idea you are selling... I just want to ask, what is the benefit of joining your team? Thanks

    1. Drops your WhatsApp number so I can add you to the group.

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